Location of the foundry is at Kurumbapalayam, Coimbatore an industrial area spans over an area of 1 acre with moulding, melting and fettling. The Foundry building covering 25,000Sq.ft and the Machine Shop building covering 5,000Sq.ft has facilities needed to produce a technologically acceptable casting component.


For Green Sand Moulding Process, We have ARPA 300 and ARPA 450 Simultaneous Jolt Squeeze moulding machines and 40T storage capacity fully automized sand plant system comprising of high speed sand mixer, seiver, Conveyor, knock,out system, etc.



The foundry has installed Inductotherm 350 K.W/ 500Kg furnace. With the aid of Spectro meter and CE meter, liquid metal is analysed and temperature is measured and controlled before tapping thus ensuring perfect composition for metallurgically sound casting.

The Liquid metal is handled by a 3T EOT crane and mono rail pouring facility.



The casting and sand are separated in the Shakeout machine and castings are shot blasted in a spinner hanger shot blasting machine to get clean castings.

Fettling is done by pedestal, swing frame and die grinders. Heat treatment is carried out in 1 TON electric heat treatment furnace.




Some of the Machineries are,

Machine Shop

The Foundry is equipped with a contemporary in-house machine shop to offer all our new and existing customers an one stop solution for completly machined castings.


Machinery & Instruments